Lazy days hazy days

Do you guys have any favorite poetry books? I want to read some; give me your recs!?


How do we know if our application for the Sojourners network gets accepted or rejected? xx

Thanks for asking this so I can let everyone else know! Basically as soon as I get to your application though. I’ve gotten a fair number of them, so it takes a bit of time to go through them all. Also I’m a little busy with school at the moment. You should hear within a few days or so though :) I’ll message you!


Rolleiflex/123 by Millie Clinton: on Flickr.



i didn’t even know i had this picture

oh my gosh it’s beautiful

yay 400 notes!

018 by ben giesbrecht on Flickr.
Nikon FE -> Nikon FM


I have fallen with my camera in Davos, Switzerland. The pictures you have seen in the last few days were the last pictures taken with my Nikon FE. It was a great camera. I loved it. But there was nothing I could do. It couldn’t be saved.

I decided to upgrade and bought Nikon FM. I hope you’ll love the pictures taken with it as much as you did those taken with FE.

This is the last picture taken with FE:


And this is the last picture of it:


I hope it is in Silicon Heaven.