did you ever get my post card ?(:


I’m going to be off of tumblr for a while now because my job starts tomorrow! And I’ll be staying overnight for a long while whiteout probably having Internet. Also I have neglected to set up a queue. Don’t you dare unfollow me though!

Calm down.
do you have a snapchat?

Holy crap!! Yes!! Jeez jeez haha. It’s in one of my links somewhere. If you look hard enough you can find it. Or I could just tell you that it’s Dfeivor. U send mee nudez.



what the fuck was mother natural thinking when ostriches happened

this is exactly what i was thinking at the zoo today

like….what is this even


it literally looks like it’s head gotten shrunk

(Source: flygoing)


Photo by @mix_elle. #foragebyfolk